Long Exposure: Downtown Los Angeles


Last Friday, after driving down to Southern California for the weekend, Gordon and I decided to do some long exposure photography. We found an overpass just outside of downtown with Highway 110 gunning beneath it, took out our tripods, and started shooting. Here’s my best shot.
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San Francisco Bay Bridge

San Francisco Bay Bridge Sunset September 7, 2013

San Francisco Bay Bridge Sunset
September 7, 2013

You probably think I’m crazy. The brand new east span of the Bay Bridge just opened up the week before and what do I do? I go and photograph the side that didn’t change one bit. This was my third time going to this spot and the first time I tried doing a video. I decided to try some new things time time. I shot black and white for the few photos I took, and I did my best to get some really good time lapse video. Let me know how I did.

San Francisco Bay Bridge Time Lapse from Ryan Selewicz on Vimeo.