Settling In

Here’s the big clock tower at the Parliament building, where the famous bell, Big Ben, hangs.

They told us everything would be smaller here. The flats actually aren’t as small as I expected, even though I am sharing a room with two other Santa Clara students. But, the showers are very small, and I’ve already learned how easy it is to bump into the temperature knob and make the water freezing cold by accident. The grocery stores are smaller too. There are a lot of Tesco express stores around, which sells a lot of basics like cereal, pre-made sandwiches, soda, eggs, milk, beer, etc. They don’t smell very good, though, and the food isn’t even very good so we usually take the slightly longer walk to Sainsburry’s which is like a small version of Target. And they have a Starbucks inside. I went with a group from my flat because we all learned that towels are not provided and we needed to buy them. Unfortunately they were sold out of bath towels, so I ended up having to use a hand towel after showering for a couple days. Luckily my room is right across from the bathroom.

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