Une Baguette S’il Vous Plaît

A photo of a mosaic in one of the underground train stations in Paris.

So, a couple of weekends ago I took a quick trip by train through a tunnel that went through a small body of water known at the English Channel. Yes, 5 of my flat-mates and I decided to go to Paris for the weekend. It was our first weekend adventure. We left on Friday night after class, and made it back Monday morning just in time for my 9am class.

The train ride was fast, but not as fast as it would have been if I were smart enough to bring a book or iPod or anything to entertain me. But, I didn’t, so I did my best to peek past the guy next to me and through the little crack between the seat in front of him and the wall to watch the sunset. When the train ride started, the train announcers spoke English first, then French, but when we crossed the channel and were official in France, that changed and even the English sounded like French, they talked so fast. I knew I better learn some French…and fast. I took out my phone and typed a few essential words into Google Translator like please, thank you, hello, one, two three, etc. After my ten minute crash course, I was ready to take on Paris…hopefully.

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