Leaving Santa Clara

After Robert and I set my camera up in the back of my car, we thought we would test it as we waved goodbye to Maples.

Well, no more Santa Clara until 2013! I packed up my entire room and I did it in record time! Thanks to Robert for coming down Friday for the photoshoot, then staying to help me pack. We both had a common goal in mind; we had to get to Sacramento in time to see Flip The Switch, The Secretions, and Chixdiggit play at the Boardwalk!

If you’ve seen Old Blue (my car), you have probably seen my Flip The Switch sticker on the back. They haven’t played in a really long time so it was great to finally see them again. They even snuck a chorus of “Call Me Maybe” into one of their songs. The venue wasn’t very full, but KJ from Chixdiggit described it well as feeling like a house party. The entire Chixdiggit set was made up of requests yelled out from the crowd. Not even a setlist.

Anyway, before we hit the road, Robert and I went to Chipotle (no surprise there), took a quick trip to the Sky Lounge in Swig, and I said goodbye to the yearbook office one more time. Finally, the bro’s down the street moved their beer pong table out of my car’s way one last time, and I said goodbye to Maples. Continue reading

Narada Michael Walden Holiday Jam – 12/17/11


Star musical acts from around the country came to the 142 Throckmorton Theater in Mill Valley on December 17 for Narada Michael Walden’s annual Holiday Jam and once again, this intimate show proved priceless. Can you name another show in a small venue sold out to no more than a few hundred attendees with appearances by musical geniuses as big as Carlos Santana, Narada Michael Walden and Tommy Johnston? I didn’t think so. The band rocked on for nearly four hours as guest after guest took turns on the stage giving audience members a show that was sure to be remembered.

Proceeds benefit the Narada Michael Walden Foundation which promotes and supports music education for Bay Area youth. Continue reading

Merry Christmas from the Selewicz Family

(Click to Enlarge)

So it’s that time of year, and the Selewicz family climbed up on the roof to do something incredibly dangerous and stupid to get that action filled Christmas card photo that all of the neighbors would be talking about. Ok, maybe there was some Photoshop involved, but shhh, don’t tell anybody!

Merry Christmas to all!

A funny letter my father received regarding this card:

What the hell kind of Christmas card are you sending out to your insurance agent!!! That is a liability bro!!!!!!! I will need to be at next year’s Christmas Card picture just to manage what ever non-liability shot we need for next year. This year we have kids on the roof with no harness, no helmet, no gloves or safety goggles. Your bride is not wearing a reflective vest or cleated shoes for the roof. You are wearing a very looses jacket that can catch onto anything, the ladder is not secured to the house nor have the legs backed up on the ground so it doesn’t slide. I could go on but now I need some egg nog and brandy.

Merry Christmas!

End Notes: All of the photos used to make this composite were taken with the Pentax K20d and the 50mm f/1.4 and put together in Photoshop CS5. There are three main photos involved in this composite, then some others used for little spot fixes. I’ll leave the rest a mystery 😉

Preview: Carlos Santana surprise performance with Narada Michael Walden


It was a concert like none other. Dozens of famous musicians and vocalists from all over the country made their way to Mill Valley for Narada Michael Walden’s annual Holiday Jam Benefit Concert. The list of special guests was seemingly endless with names like Tony Lindsay, Tommy Johnston, Lara Johnston, Tevin Campbell, Jeanie Tracy, Dale “Satchmo” Powers, and many more. The unannounced special guest that made the night even more unforgettable was Carlos Santana. Disappearing from his seat during intermission and not returning for the second act, his wife still enjoying the music, anticipation began to grow for the idea that Carlos may be preparing to take the stage himself. When he finally emerged, guitar in hand, the crowd rose, he took charge of the stage, and the band started rocking for a finally that will continue to ring within the hearts of all in attendance for years to come. Continue reading

The Gentlemen of Campisi


Finals week just passed at Santa Clara University and, as is tradition, some of my friends, Paul, Gordon, Ryan & Duncan, were looking for a way to distract themselves from the laptop screens, energy drinks, and desk lamps that had consumed their lives all week. This photo shoot did just that. We went out to the O’Connor Hall archway at around 10pm when the only ones out were the occasional student cycling or long boarding by on their way either to or from the library. The guys were dressed perfectly for some classy photos in a classic old-style setting. Continue reading

SCU Choreographers’ Gallery


Imagine sitting in a dark theater as the pleasant squeal of a lone violin begins to reverberate throughout the room. The volume slowly increases as an operatic chorus begins in the background. A lone man (Lane Renfort) sits on a bench and begins to mime his story as an ensemble of dancers begins gracefully off to the side. The booming voice of a narrator starts with the words of the classic Samuel M. Johnson poem “Lovers on a Park Bench” and the dancers gracefully begin a performance illustrating the struggles a young couple faces to express an inexpressible love for each other. This piece, “With Their Bodies Touching” choreographed by student Anna Houk, was just one of the seven incredibly diverse and inspiring pieces included this show which took place December 1st and 2nd in the Mayer Theater at Santa Clara University.
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Macklemore, Kap Slap & Timeflies at SCU – 9/22/11


750 students, most sporting Mariners apparel of some sort, made their way to this year’s fall concert sponsored the Santa Clara University Activities Programming Board featuring the Seattle hip hop artist, Macklemore. This was the first year the fall concert was held in the Locatelli Student Activities Center and the smaller venue definitely made for a more intimate show. Timeflies opened the show with an engaging set for the few students who showed up early enough seemingly making it his goal to high five everyone squished into the front fow. A quick 20 minute set change later, Kap Slap hit the stage as the crowd began to grow in anticipation of the headlining act. Kap Slap got the crowd going with some of his popular mash ups and they were ready to rock when Macklemore hit the stage. Santa Clara is a popular school for students from Seattle and they felt right at home during Macklemore’s in-your-face, fast paced set. Continue reading

Santa Cruz Model Shoot – 8/6/11


Summer was coming to an end which meant it was time for Robert Linggi and I to do another collaborative photo shoot. Lizzie, Kristie, and Carey volunteered to be our models, so we headed off to Santa Cruz. Our schedules only allowed us to shoot on a weekend this year which meant we were battling the crowds, but we ended up finding some secret spots and getting some great photos. Continue reading

Warped Tour 2011 – Main Stages


Here is the second round of photos from the Mountain View stop of Warped Tour on July 2, 2011, this time from the main stages. Thousands of teens lined up for what seemed like miles to see their favorite acts starting with August Burns Red kicking off the main stage lineup.
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