They have Chipotle in London

Chipotle in London looks basically the same…except for a few minor differences.

So, many of you will roll your eyes and think “Wow, Ryan, really?!” when I tell you what I am about to tell you. But I promise, it was very educational and culturally enlightening. I had Chipotle for dinner tonight…and it was amazing. The store looked just like the stores in the US, the food tasted just as good, but there were some interesting differences.

First, the prices are in pounds…but not much different. A steak burrito is £6.95 which is $11.17. Chips and guac is about the same percent increase. But, the guac is just as good as it is in California, surprisingly.

Second, the chip bags say “Tortilla Chips” rather than just “Chips” which was a lot funnier when I first saw it in person than it probably seems now. I suppose they had to do this to avoid confusion since, to the Brits, chips are french fries.

Finally, in addition to the usual selection of beer, they also have margaritas. I didn’t have one, but I will have to at some point in the next three months. Also, they didn’t have the usual soda fountain where some people (not me of course) sneak free lemonade into a water cup. They sold canned beverages and offered free water from a pitcher.

Here’s a look at the menu in London’s Chipotle. Notice the prices are in pounds, not dollars.

Anyway, I’m sure you would love continue reading all about Chipotle, but I’ll move along. After Chipotle, some of my flat-mates and I just went exploring/wandering around the city. We got on the tube and just rode to a stop that looked interesting. We went to check out Notting Hill, then wandered around Picadilly Circus. I stumbled upon what I first thought was an arcade with one of those machines that has the things that move and push coins off the edge when you drop a coin into the right spot, but then I realized you win actual money. I had a few 10 pentz pieces in my pocket so I decided to try. Before I knew it, I had turned those 30 pentz into a few pounds. When I left, I had £2 worth of 10 pentz pieces so I went and bought a hot chocolate. It was worth it.

3 thoughts on “They have Chipotle in London

  1. I like how the chicken is declared to be from (Freedom Foods). Free-range chicken, I suppose. Although in the end, not so much freedom for the chickens, eh what?
    Memo from Santa Clara: The freshmen are moving in to their dorms this weekend. To a townie like me this never gets old. Watching 18-year-olds in Safeway for the first time buying milk and cereal, probably to quell the homesickness.

    • HAHAHAHA! RY RY! SO freaking awesome! I wish they had Chipotle here, but instead its just Burger King and Mc Donalds and I refuse to eat at either!

      I miss you and am glad you have a little piece of home there with you. hahaha! You would.

      I LOVE YOU!

  2. Wow. They have margaritas? That might be enough to convince Mom to finally pay a visit to Chipotle. Glad you were able to get your fix even while in Europe.


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