Preview: Carlos Santana surprise performance with Narada Michael Walden


It was a concert like none other. Dozens of famous musicians and vocalists from all over the country made their way to Mill Valley for Narada Michael Walden’s annual Holiday Jam Benefit Concert. The list of special guests was seemingly endless with names like Tony Lindsay, Tommy Johnston, Lara Johnston, Tevin Campbell, Jeanie Tracy, Dale “Satchmo” Powers, and many more. The unannounced special guest that made the night even more unforgettable was Carlos Santana. Disappearing from his seat during intermission and not returning for the second act, his wife still enjoying the music, anticipation began to grow for the idea that Carlos may be preparing to take the stage himself. When he finally emerged, guitar in hand, the crowd rose, he took charge of the stage, and the band started rocking for a finally that will continue to ring within the hearts of all in attendance for years to come.


Narada Michael Walden

Tom Johnston (Doobie Brothers) & Lara Johnston

Carlos Santana


End Notes: More photos will be added soon.

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