SCU Choreographers’ Gallery


Imagine sitting in a dark theater as the pleasant squeal of a lone violin begins to reverberate throughout the room. The volume slowly increases as an operatic chorus begins in the background. A lone man (Lane Renfort) sits on a bench and begins to mime his story as an ensemble of dancers begins gracefully off to the side. The booming voice of a narrator starts with the words of the classic Samuel M. Johnson poem “Lovers on a Park Bench” and the dancers gracefully begin a performance illustrating the struggles a young couple faces to express an inexpressible love for each other. This piece, “With Their Bodies Touching” choreographed by student Anna Houk, was just one of the seven incredibly diverse and inspiring pieces included this show which took place December 1st and 2nd in the Mayer Theater at Santa Clara University.


The Only Truth That Sticks


Soaring in the Fog

With Their Bodies Touching

Breaking Barriers


End Notes: All of these photos were taken with a Nikon D300s and the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens. I was filling in for Michael Erkelens who had a prior obligation so he let me borrow his camera. I have to say, I’m seriously thinking about switching over to Nikon after how this shoot turned out. I’ll have to buy a new hard drive first, though ’cause these NEF files are even bigger than the DNG files that come from my Pentax.

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