Santa Cruz Model Shoot – 8/6/11


Summer was coming to an end which meant it was time for Robert Linggi and I to do another collaborative photo shoot. Lizzie, Kristie, and Carey volunteered to be our models, so we headed off to Santa Cruz. Our schedules only allowed us to shoot on a weekend this year which meant we were battling the crowds, but we ended up finding some secret spots and getting some great photos.










End Notes: As you can imagine, we had all of our gear out for this shoot. This was my first model shoot with the new 16-45 f/4 which worked great for wide angle shots. We were using the cybersyncs all day with the Sigma 530 and Vivitar 285hv. The wind was blowing, though so we had to stick to simple flash diffusers. The umbrellas will have to come out next time.

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