San Franciso & Adobe Photowalk


On August 28, 2010, Robert Linggi and I grabbed our camera gear and got in the car and headed to San Francisco for a photo walk sponsored by Adobe Systems. The photo walk began at Adobe’s 601 Townsend office and was led by Lightroom Product Manager, Tom Hogarty, and Photoshop Product Manager, Bryan O’Neil Huges. They took us around the train tracks to a river over by the ball park. After the photo walk, they gave us lunch and did some demos of Photoshop CS5’s new features. After lunch was over and Adobe set us free, Robert and I decided that we hadn’t done enough shooting yet so we decided to drive to the coast. We started at the Golden Gate Bridge and got some shots from Baker Beach, then drove down the coast towards Ft. Funston. Finally, as the sun began to set we started back to Sacramento. Still, we hadn’t had enough time behind the lens so we pulled off at Yerba Buena island and got some shots of the bridge.






beach b&w


End Notes: I ended up trying a lot of new things with these photos in post. The very first photo on top is an HDR I made using 7 different exposures in Photoshop CS5’s HDR function. I actually tried this photo using both Photoshop CS5 and Photomatix Pro and Photoshop came out ahead since the anti-ghosting feature made the waves look more natural. The black and white photo of the coast is also an HDR I made with Photomatix Pro. The photo below was taken from Yerba Buena island with the Pentax K20d and the 18-200mm at 18mm f/13 30sec. shutter speed.


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