Merry Christmas – Selewicz Family Christmas Card 2010

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Merry Christmas everybody! Here is a sneak peak at the (late) Christmas card my parents will be sending out in the next week or so. We always have fun with our Christmas card and we try to keep it interesting each year. I hope we lived up to past years.

Also, check out some of our Older Christmas Cards.

High Fives


End Notes: This was an interesting shoot for two reasons. First, I had to be in the photo. Second, the only people in the room are the people in the photo so we had to use the self timer and hurry to get into position. For these shots I used the K20d with the 50mm f/1.4 at f/6.7 and I lit the shot with a Vivitar 285hv into a silver reflective umbrella triggered by Cybersyncs camera right and a silver reflector camera left. Also, I did some darkening of the backdrop in post.

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