Spooky Island Band Portraits

Spooky Island Band Portrait

Three of the guys from Spooky Island and I got together to do a photoshoot in their backyard a couple weekends ago and the guys had a lot of enthusiasm. They even jammed a little during the shoot for a more realistic effect, not to mention it kept me entertained while I struggled to keep lights from blowing over.



End Notes: For this shoot, I used the Pentax K20d and the 18-200mm lens. I had to go wide angle for this one because we had a blanket set up to block the sun from their faces and I had to get between the blanket and the band. The main light was a Sigma 530 Super shot into a silver umbrella camera left. I also used a Vivitar 285hv a ways off camera right for some fill light. As usual, the lights were triggered with cybersyncs. Thanks also to Lauren Duffy for organizing the shoot and helping with the setup.

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