6 thoughts on “Hawaii Trip 2009

  1. You take wonderful photos Ryan! I really like your pictures from your trip to Hawaii last summer – so vibrant and beautiful! Have you ever taken a photography class?

  2. Thank you Katherine! No, I haven’t actually taken a photography class. I guess I have learned best from practicing, looking at other photographers’ work, and trying to meet as many photographers as I can. Actually, on this trip I met the resort photographer at the Mauna Kea. He was really nice and gave me some good tips.


    • Hey Joe,

      I usually just take a lot of pictures and I find a few that are really good. I took around 1000 on this 10 day trip, kept about 200, and posted 15 of my favorites. Sunset was always the time I was running around looking for the perfect picture. There were so many great spots and the sun always set too quickly.


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